Company Overview

HVDP Wholesale is a U.S. privately held responsible tech solutions company that specializes in consumer electronics and covers worldwide companies. We provide retailers, wholesalers, corporations and international traders with premier mobile services that range from device distribution and refurbishing to asset recovery Liquidation solutions.

Our highly experienced and motivated team stands by the principles of dedication and professionalism. We strive for the full satisfaction of all our clients internationally. We serve every client consistently and with undivided attention to ensure an excellent business-to-business experience.

Our Mission

HVDP Wholesale mission is to apply our unique capabilities to

Help our clients improve their financial positions by increasing their recovery on excess inventory.

Connecting interested buyers from around the world directly with our consistent supply.

Refurbishing and reusing electronics extending the life of products to keep them out of the waste stream.

HVDP Wholesale Team

Our inventory features refurbished products, store returns, close outs and other liquidation products. These items vary in brand and quantity and do not last long in our warehouse.


Our Certifications

HVDP Wholesale has a variety of certifications, spanning precise quality standards and environmental responsibility.

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